Grow Your Muscles Studio


Creating A Presence 

Alain Cummings, the owner of Grow Your Muscles Studio, opened his business just over two years ago. He used his personal and professional network to fill his gym in no time. Al’s ten plus years in the corporate fitness world more than prepared him for the challenges of owning and operating a gym, but he often felt his marketing endeavours were short-sighted and he didn't have the time or resources to do the type of marketing he wanted. Al reached out to Rouge River Marketing in May of 2017. He knew he wanted a greater digital presence and a better way for new clients to be able to contact him. Working together with Al and the other Grow Your Muscles Studio staff, we were able to create a sleek, modern, and easily navigable website. Rouge River Marketing created a unique look and feel for the website with highly stylized photos. We also completely revamped the Grow Your Muscles Studio social media accounts, streamlining them to have a consistent brand message. A huge element of Al's industry is the constant creation of new and exciting content. We've coached Al and his staff on the best social media posting practices, and as well we helped him create long-form written content to help provide value-added services to his clients.

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